How to change Font and Colors on your Blogger template

This simple and short tutorial will show you how to manually edit default template font and color, I want to say that my latest templates are coded in that way you can edit Font and Color through blogger dashboard. [Layout > Font and Colors]

Now let explain how you can edit your color and font direct from template source:

Change Font Color

1. Layout > edit HTML
2. Search [CTRL+F] for: body {
3. After you find it will see usually color:#333333
4. This is color of your text, change it from #333333 to #ff0000 [you will see difference]
5. You can do many search [CTRL+F] for the word color: to change color link etc

Change Font style

1. Layout > edit HTML
2. Search [CTRL+F] for: #outer-wrapper {
3. After you find will see something like: font: 14px Arial; or font-family:Arial;
4. Replace it with your favorite Font [Georgia, Helvetica, Times, etc]

Usually I use diferent font for Header, so to edit and header font search for #header h1 {

Hope I explained as simple was possible, if you have any other question
let me know, but remember that latest templates and new ones will have
option to change font and color from blogger dashboard [Layout >
Font and Color]

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