How to show Static Pages on your current Menu Bar

This tutorial will help You to show Blogger Static Pages on your previows installed Menu Bar, which most of my templates has one. Check also and images, will help you to make this tutorial easy as it is.

Let Start

1. Go to Blogger Dashboard --> click New Post --> click Edit Pages -->
create New Page [ie: About Me] --> Publish Page

2. Now you will see How would you like the Pages Gadget to appear? -->
click No gadget --> Save and Publish [Check This IMAGE]

3. Now click Edit Page and right click on View --> Copy Link Address
[Check This IMAGE]

4. Go back at your Dashboard and click Layout --> Edit HTML -->
Search [CTRL+F] --> About

5. You will see all code for top Menu Links [ie: About, Contact]
[Check This IMAGE]

6. Now if you created About Me page, replace # with your link,
that you copied [see step 3] [Check This IMAGE]

7. Preview / Save That's it.

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