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BTemplateBox brings to you the "Services" section. Here you can get support to ANY problem you get with your Blogger blog, from converting a PSD to XML until less important bug fixes.


1 - Design your blog:
Do You have so many Ideas for a blog? But don't know how to make it? Tell us what you want! Our designers will work hard to make a really great blog design for you. You will certainly get satisfied!

2 - PSD to Blogger Layout:
If you are a great designer, and not too savvy with blogger codes, don't worry! We will do the hard job for you! Just send us your PSD and we will turn it into a nice and shiny unique blogger theme just for you!

3 - Blogger Consultancy:
We will take a closer look into your blog and analise a lot of stuff for you. Such as adding or removing widgets, managing content and images, locating the right information at the right places, etc. I am sure after a consultancy, your blog will look/work great, and stand out of crowd!

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